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JFK Jr. Rare Full TV Interview in 1998 - [ Sound fixed ]

Publié le 23 Jun 2020

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Interesting part : 6:00

Jay Leno : "What is the Monica Lewinsky's poeme that is in here ? Explain this."

JFK Jr. Reads Monica Lewinsky's childhood poem about being a Pizza, that she wrote when she was 9, that was printed in George Magazine.

"How I can be a delicious lunch, dinner or breakfast, if you're weird. A round and flat piece of dough with lots of toppings. I am a mouth's best friend. I make you say, 'yum, yum'".

Jay Leno: It's amazing how kids know at a young age what they are going to do with their lives.

Coming from the RestLessRick's Channel
John F. Kennedy Jr. made a rare appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on May 14, 1998. The appearance was top secret, and in the opening credits of The Tonight Show, he was listed as "Mystery Guest" instead of using his name, so no one in the audience knew that JFK, Jr. was coming out to be interviewed by Jay until Jay announced his name. Jerry Seinfeld was also on the show, and it was the evening of the final airing of the sitcom "Seinfeld".